lÝrdag, oktober 14, 2023
The Lord is opening the door of revelation to understand His Kingdom! We will gather in November for a special weekend to worship, pray, learn about His Kingdom and how to live in its reality! The Kingdom of God is bigger than church! It has a different value system than the world! It is about God’s power not words! It will conquer every other kingdom of this world! Jesus is the Ruler and King and He wants us to understand how to live in HIS reality!
Our time together will focus on:
Understanding the spiritual realm we live in in our communities, what is going on in the spirit around us? Why do we feel what we feel? Why are things so dark? How can we change the atmosphere and bring light and hope? What is the role of prayer, consecration and worship?
We will also share an introduction a very important focus in God’s word РHis Kingdom! What IS it? How do we live IN it? What did Jesus say about it?
We will also practice the works of the Kingdom. We will pray for the sick and oppressed. We will learn how to pray from revelation from the Holy Spirit.
This weekend is not just about words but practical understanding of how to live in God‚Äôs reality in our daily lives and minister to others according to the commandment of Jesus to go out into the world and ‚Äúpreach the gospel of the¬†Kingdom, heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, deliver people from demons‚ÄĚ
It’s time to transition from TALKING to DOING!! Join us and trust the Lord to change your perspective and impart new vision and faith to move into the days ahead with more purpose and fruit in your ministry!
Registration information:
Conference Cost:  300 kr per person or 500 kr per couple to VIPPS 585330 Fusion Norway.
Hotel: 3100 for 1 person 5600 for couple  for Friday and Saturday night. Includes beautiful rooms, all meals and a heavenly atmosphere!
Email Rhondafusion@gmail.com to confirm your reservation!